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Issue Editor's Column: Beau Sterling, Esq.

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A Note From the Issue Editor
The theme of this month’s issue of Nevada Lawyer magazine is law practice management. Although solo and small firm practices are the focus of the issue, the feature stories will be useful to attorneys at any size firm. We take this opportunity to look introspectively at our practices, our ethical duties, where we get our business and areas where we can expand our practices. We also have an article with suggestions for starting a new practice and the hurdles an attorney is likely to face in doing so. Finally, we have an article on the difficult, but unfortunately necessary, topic of substance abuse and the resources available to attorneys who need help. We round out the issue with a submission from the bar’s Solo and Small Practice Section, a Dean’s Column discussing resources available to the small firm and solo practitioner, and a list of this year’s pro bono award winners, as presented annually by the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada (LACSN). From the largest firm to the solo practitioner, we hope everyone will find something of interest in this issue. BEAU STERLING, ESQ. is the managing member of Sterling Law LLC, an appellate practice law firm, and a member of the Nevada Lawyer editorial board.
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January 2013
Nevada Lawyer

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