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Development of Renewable Energy Projects of Federal Land - QUIZ

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CLE QUIZ: Development of Renewable Energy Projects on Federal Land
1) Which document is most often associated with the NEPA process? A: The No Hazard Determination B: The Environmental Impact Statement or “EIS” C: The Section 404 Permit 2) Which federal statute triggers the need for evaluation of biological resources impacted by a renewable energy project on federal land? A: The Endangered Species Act B: The Clean Water Act C: The Utility Environmental Protection Act 3) Which of the following are components evaluated as part of the evaluation of the socioeconomic impact of renewable energy projects on federal land? A: Traffic counts B: Impact on educational facilities C: Taxes; employment; population/housing 4) For which of the following has a federal standard not been established? A: Noise B: Water quality C: Air quality 5) Identify the land use planning activities most often evaluated in association with large-scale renewable energy projects. A: Higher education and technical training B: Agriculture, hunting and recreational activities C: Traffic 6) Renewable energy projects developed on federal land are subject to which of the following: A: Review by the federal Food and Drug Administration B: County land use and permitting requirements C: Contiguous state’s environmental requirements 7) The applicant for a renewable energy facility on federal land must coordinate with which federal agency to determine whether a Section 404 permit is needed for the project? A: The Federal Aviation Administration B: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers C: The Federal Energy and Regulatory Commission 8) If a Section 404 is required, the need for what additional state permit is triggered? A: Section 401 permit B: Stormwater construction permit C: Underground injection well permit 9) Protection of minority and low-income populations from adverse impacts from projects on federal land is required by what directive? A: Executive Order 12898 “Federal Actions to Address Environmental Justice in Minority Populations and Low-Income Populations” B: Energy Policy Act of 2005 C: National Commission for Minorities Act 1992
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10) True or False: Modification or degradation of the habitat of a listed species can constitute a take under the Endangered Species Act. A: True B: False 11) Under which federal statute are rights-of-way grants on federal land authorized? A: The National Environmental Policy Act B: The Federal Land Policy and Management Act C: The Clean Water Act 12) Which federal agency has responsibility for the issuance of Biological Opinions? A: The Environmental Protection Agency B: The Federal Aviation Administration C: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
14) True or False: Archeological and paleontological resources are not evaluated in the environmental review process for renewable energy projects on federal land. A: True B: False 15) The BLM divides visual resources into how many categories? A: Sixteen B: Three C: Forty-seven 16) What document authorizes the use of federal land for renewable energy development? A: The right-of-way grant B: The Section 401 certification C: The record of decision
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