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Dean's Column: Boyd Law School Guest Writer Prof. Steve Johnson

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Nevada Lawyer Magazine
Dean’s Column
“We are pleased and grateful for the many ways in which the state bar and the Boyd School of Law have cooperated over the 11 years of the school’s existence....”
Celebrating and Expanding Cooperation Between the State Bar and the State’s Law School
The Boyd School of Law is happy to add its voice to the many others in this issue, in praise of the State Bar of Nevada. We are pleased and grateful for the many ways in which the state bar and the Boyd School of Law have cooperated over the 11 years of the school’s existence, and we look forward to even closer mutually beneficial interaction in the years to come. Of course, this column, the Dean’s Column, is one highly visible expression of the cooperation between the state bar and the Boyd School of Law. This column has been a feature of Nevada Lawyer since the early days of the law school. Through it, Dean John White, former Dean Dick Morgan and, as guest writers, many members of our faculty, have been able to share exciting news with Nevada’s lawyers. This news ranges from topics about the school’s curriculum and community service to the numerous accomplishments of our students, alumni and alumnae and faculty. Relatedly, members of the Boyd faculty have written scores of free-standing articles for Nevada Lawyer, sharing their expertise on important issues. Members of our faculty have also served on state bar committees. Currently, Dean White is a member of the state bar’s Board of Governors and Professor Jeffrey Stempel chairs the bar’s Standing Committee on Ethics and Professional Responsibility. In addition, alumni and alumnae of the Boyd School of Law are increasingly playing roles within the state bar. Mason Simons and Amber Candelaria are Board of Governors members. Other Boyd graduates currently hold positions in various sections of the bar, including, notably, the Young Lawyers section, in which Ryan Works is chair-elect and in which Paola Armeni, Kendelee Leascher Works, Stephanie Hardie Allen, Justina Caviglia and Tabitha Fiddyment also hold leadership positions. As friends of the Boyd School of Law know, our Thomas and Mack Legal Clinic is a central part of our program of training new lawyers and of providing service to the community. An important consideration at the founding of our clinics was proposing to the Nevada Supreme Court changes to practice rules that would allow our clinical students and faculty to represent clients. The State Bar of Nevada was helpful in this effort, by placing in historical context the rules, then extant, as to student practice and by providing guidance as to amendments needed to make the rules work for our clinical students and faculty. Another mutually rewarding channel of interaction for many years has been the participation of Boyd School of Law faculty members in continuing legal education programs sponsored by the state bar. That participation gives our faculty the opportunity to share recent developments and cutting-edge strategies with Nevada’s attorneys and also to learn from them by keeping their fingers on the pulse of legal practice in this state. In more recent years, the Boyd School of Law and the state bar have forged new ways to cooperate. One exciting step – the partnering of the state bar and the law school in promoting and encouraging a more diverse and inclusive legal community – began last
Nevada Lawyer January 2010
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year and continues. In 2008, the Diversity Committee of the state bar launched the Professional Development Fellowship Program. The program is designed to provide diverse students at the law school with both educational and practical experience by pairing them with local law firms, in-house corporate law departments and public-sector organizations. The inaugural program was a success, pairing six Boyd students with five legal employers, with a long-term goal of increasing diversity in their hiring and retention. With the continued support of the state bar, the program is now in its second year. The State Bar of Nevada made other contributions to the educational and professional growth of the students of the Boyd School of Law as well. Some sections of the state bar allow Boyd students to participate in section activities. In addition, Pat Eichman, Director of Admissions of the state bar, has given generously of her time and expertise, appearing in several programs at the law school, sharing information with our students as to the process of application and admission to the bar in Nevada. We are also grateful to the state bar for its support and assistance in adding a second administration of the Nevada bar examination each year. State bar personnel also have contributed to our community service work. For example, last year, the law school’s Nevada Immigrants Resources Program sponsored a roundtable on the problems encountered by Nevada’s Hispanic community in using the services of notarios. Bar General Counsel David Clark made valuable contributions to the roundtable. The foregoing are among the many ways in which the state bar and the Boyd School of Law have worked together for the good of the law and the legal community in Nevada. We look forward to more such interaction in the years to come, interaction that recognizes both the key role of the state bar and the special place occupied by Boyd as the state’s only law school.
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steve Johnson is the E.L. Wiegand Professor and Associate Dean for Faculty Development and Research at the William S. Boyd School of Law. He is a frequent speaker at law conferences throughout the United States and has authored numerous books and articles. His work has been cited by the United States Supreme Court and many other courts, administrative agencies and commentators.
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