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Change in Leadership

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Left: 2010 Chief Justice Ronald Parraguirre Right: Former Chief Justice James W. Hardesty
“Despite adversities, the judiciary had a number of successes during 2009,” Hardesty said. “Many achievements, such as the implementation of the highly successful Foreclosure Mediation Program and the addition of new judges in Clark and Washoe Counties, were accomplished without increasing the burden on taxpayers.” “Any success this year should be credited to the hard work and dedication of the entire Supreme Court and the hard work of the judges and court staff throughout the state. Nevada’s courts should be proud of our accomplishments and I am confident our fellow Nevadans will benefit from the improvements made by Nevada’s judiciary.” “I have no doubt that Chief Justice Parraguirre will continue our path of progress toward making the Nevada Judiciary one of the best in the country,” said Hardesty. Parraguirre, however, will face new challenges, including fiscal issues as state revenues continue to be strained. “For the immediate future, the court will be focusing on facilitating more dispositions and more opinions,” Parraguirre said. “In this economically challenging environment, resources are stretched to the limit. The court will need to be very thoughtful and enterprising in developing procedures to meet the demands of increasing caseloads at the Supreme Court.” “The court will also need to be ready to assist the judiciary throughout Nevada in addressing their evergrowing caseloads,” said Parraguirre. “Timely and efficient resolution of cases is always a prime concern for trial judges. Facilitating the use of technology in urban and rural courts will promote savings in both time and expense for courts and litigants.” “I also want to address those things we can do as a body to foster public confidence in the judiciary. The public expects a fair, honest and impartial judiciary. They also expect the judicial process to be open to public scrutiny and expeditious in the resolution of cases. I intend to work closely with judges to identify
impediments to the process and then collectively determine what procedures and resources are needed to overcome those impediments,” Parraguirre said. Another project Parraguirre said he intends to promote is the Article 6 Commission’s judicial performance evaluation proposal. “Judicial accountability and public confidence go hand-in-hand. Recent changes to the process of judicial discipline were applauded by both the public and the judiciary. A comprehensive judicial performance evaluation would similarly promote enhanced public confidence and be a welcome source of information for judges and the public. I will be working to implement the recent recommendations from the Article 6 Commission to create a meaningful, substantive judicial performance evaluation model,” Parraguirre said. “Our challenges in 2010 will be great and our work will be difficult, but I am confident that at the end of the year we will have met our goals and honorably served the citizens of Nevada,” said Parraguirre.
bIll gAng is the public information officer for the Nevada Supreme Court. Prior to joining the court in 2000, he was a reporter for the Las Vegas Sun, who covered the courts for 12 years.
January 2010 Nevada Lawyer

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