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Back Story: Book Review: Best Blawgs - The ABA's Favorite Law Blogs of 2012

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Six years ago, the American Bar Association created its first list of recommendations for popular and successful law blogs. Creating an annual “top 100” is now an annual ABA tradition. On December 1, the ABA introduced its favorites for 2012, and we have listed some of those top picks here. *Above the Law, Bankruptcy Blog, Crime & Consequences, crimblog Divorce Discourse, Election Law Blog, The Federal Criminal Appeals Blog, FMLA Insights, *How Appealling, For a complete list, along with summaries of each entry, visit, go to “articles” and select “6th annual blawg 100.”
Lowering the Bar,
My Shingle, D.C. attorney Carolyn Elefant has been blogging about solo practice for a decade and continues to offer solo practitioners her ideas and opinions on making it work.
*New York Personal Injury Law Blog, *Patently-O, *Robert Ambrogi’s LawSites, *SCOTUSblog, Screw You Guys, I’m Going Home, *Simple Justice,
Law and the Multiverse, Attorneys James Daily and Ryan Davidson run this blog, which focuses on the type of legal troubles liable to plague caped crusaders like Batman and Superman. This blog recently spawned a book, The Law of Superheroes, by the blog’s creators.
This superlative legal writing blog is authored by Bryan A. Garner, the Dallas attorney who edits Black’s Law Dictionary.
*Legal Profession Blog, profession
Small Firm Innovation,
A blogging co-op offering anecdotes and advice for small firms and solo practitioners. This blog focuses on technology and innovation.
Supreme Court Haiku Reporter, *The Volokh Conspiracy,
The Legal Satyricon,
Las Vegas-based attorney Marc Randazza blogs on First Amendment, fair use and copyright cases.
Legal Writing Prof Blog, legalwriting
Not a blog for lawyers who are dead on their feet, but actual zombies appearing in court – in the form of references and cites. Josh Warren’s blog chronicles instances of judges and litigators referencing the undead and citing the same in opinions. Believe it or not, it happens so frequently Warren is putting together a book of said references.
* Law Blogs nominated into the ABA’s Blawg Hall of Fame, for providing consistently appealing content.
Nevada Lawyer January 2013

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