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All Over the Map

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All Over the Map
By Patty Cafferata, Esq.
When I decided to visit all 16 Nevada tribal courts to prepare this issue of Nevada Lawyer, I had no idea the number of days or miles involved. To entice my husband Treat to join me to photograph the tribal court buildings, I promised him hearty Basque food and fine Mexican dining in his favorite restaurants in rural Nevada. Between March 29 and May 10, 2011, we spent 14 days and nine nights visiting the courts. On most days we enjoyed the Nevada sunshine, but three days we drove in hammering rain, and once it snowed. In Treat’s Silver Toyota 4-Runner we passed through almost all of the towns in the state traveling on the major highways from Reno to the California, Oregon, Idaho and Utah borders. We drove by snow-tipped mountains. Sagebrush in camouflage-like colors of grey, green, white and straw covered the state’s sandy desert floor. Yellow wild flowers blanketed the countryside between Mina and Tonopah; one day white desert flowers dusted the landscape. We spotted black birds, jackrabbits, several herds of black and brown cattle, a band of brown and pinto colored wild horses and brown chipmunks with black and stripes. On our drive back from McDermitt, a large truck passing us tossed a rock. Thwack! On the windshield, creating a small chip that grew into a fine crack as we drove south. (When we arrived home, we replaced the windshield.) On May 1, in West Wendover, as we checked into the hotel, the TV screen flashed that Osama bin Laden is dead. To visit all the courts, we traveled 3,365 total miles. Two weeks later, on another trip, we flew to the JFK airport in New York State and covered only 2,394 miles.
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